ChicExecs PR Secures The Chrysalis Lab in USA Today

Our latest PR feature is for our client The Chrysalis Lab in USA Today.

A new year means a new wardrobe for most people. It can be overwhelming to find new pieces that are stylish and fit the aesthetic you are looking for, right?

A great place to start expanding your wardrobe is to take a look at the previous decades’ fashion trends. In a recent USA Today article, “this year’s wardrobe refresh is a blend of nostalgic looks and elevated basics.” So, you don’t have to throw out those favorites from the 90s. Instead, keep them to create an updated style and give your closet a revival.

Much like its name and a butterfly, The Chrysalis Lab is founded upon transformation.

USA Today reached out to its founder, Emma Trask, to get her impressions on the new and reinvented fashion trends for 2022. Emma is a stylist to the stars like Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce, and Kiera Knightly. “I love a vest, and there are so many options for them right now. Take a masculine/feminine approach to styling by wearing a sweater vest over a maxi dress or an oversized suit vest over a slip dress.” 

As a designer and advocate for upcycling and sustainable fashion, Emma has her pulse on today’s fashion trends. A native New Zealander, she has worked in the United States for over 20 years. After moving to New York City, her unique sense of style led her to begin a career in fashion, working for international magazines and styling shows for New York Fashion Week and so much more.

The Chrysalis Lab is committed to creating thoughtfully designed apparel that brings beauty, appreciation, and expression to individuals on their journey of self-discovery. Emma is now working her magic skills on designing custom pieces for customers who provide her with vintage pieces that she will transform into reimagined upcycled designs.  

Check out The Chrysalis Lab to transform your clothing for a more sustainable wardrobe. Find them here.

Congrats The Chrysalis Lab!

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