ChicExecs PR Secures The Adventure Challenge on Good Morning America

Our latest PR feature is for our client The Adventure Challenge on Good Morning America (GMA)!

The Adventure Challenge comes to the rescue eliminating the same old date nights, family game nights and bestie hang-out routines. Discover the book that’s been out on the market a little over a year and has already sold over 250,000 copies! Containing 50 mystery scratch-off activities, it comes in three editions meant for couples, friends and families. What types of creative adventures await? You won’t know until you scratch one off. No take-backsies please! The Adventure Challenge helps you explore outside your habits, dive deeper into your relationships and make meaningful memories.

Your adventure ”should you choose to scratch it off ”will come as a complete surprise, but the book still helps you plan in the process. You won’t know the exact challenge until you scratch it off, but you do get the following information ahead of time including a price range to expect from $0-50. (They can all be modified to fit within your budget.) You’re also given an ideal time of day/night to perform the activity and a time estimate of how long it will take to perform.

The Adventure Challenge’s Friends Edition and Family Edition were both featured on the GMA “Deals & Steals” segment. The Family Edition is ideal for kids ages 4-15 and for families of around 4-8 members. The Friends Edition is great for you, your bestie or your whole crew.

The Adventure Challenge doubles as a journal with a place to jot down your thoughts after each activity and has a place to include a small polaroid so you can visually capture each memory. Purchase the book by itself or as a camera bundle so you don’t miss a moment. 

Check out The Adventure Challenge for the activity book full of scratch-offs that creates lasting memories.

Congrats to The Adventure Challenge!

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