ChicExecs PR Secures TeeTurtle in Yahoo! Life

Our latest PR feature is for our client TeeTurtle in Yahoo! Life!

TeeTurtle is the go-to source for laughs and good times with its line of Unstable Games. Its Unstable Unicorns was highlighted in Yahoo! Life as among the best adult games for your next game night.

The NSFW edition of Unstable Unicorns is still a strategic game that will destroy your friendships in a hilariously offensive way. The game features the same style of gameplay as the beloved Unstable Unicorns, just a bit more adult.

Yahoo! Life noted, “To win this version, you’ll still need to strategize to get all seven unicorns into your stable, and you’ll still be able to use Magic, Instant, Upgrade and Downgrade cards to thwart your opponents. But, you’ll just have to do it in dirtier, more horrific ways.”

The brand says “if 69% of your conversations involve dirty jokes and inappropriate comments, you’re going to love the NSFW edition of Unstable Unicorns.”

The original Unstable Unicorns won the 2019 People’s Choice Award for Toy of the Year. It was one of Kickstarter’s top 50 games and top 100 overall backed projects of all time, earning over $2 million in funding and spawning several highly collectible expansion packs.

Unstable Unicorns and Llamas Unleashed are just a few of the addictively fun card games to come from TeeTurtle founder Ramy Badie. His goal? To create games that establish meaningful connections by getting people to put away their phones and devote their time to the people (and games) that matter. From the toy line, the reversible octopus plushie is a TikTok sensation!

Check out TeeTurtle for a variety of fun games and plush toys that make terrific gifts featuring a motley crew of unicorns, dinosaurs, llamas, and octopuses. Game night will never be the same! Find Unstable Unicorns on Amazon.

Congrats TeeTurtle and Unstable Games!







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