ChicExecs PR Secures Teema Towels in Men’s Journal

Our latest PR feature is for our client Teema Towels in Men’s Journal!

Teema Towels offer a quality twist on the traditional beach towel and blanket with flat woven Turkish textiles. What distinguishes a Teema Towel from the common looped, terry cloth weave? While terry cloth is absorbent, it’s very bulky. Not to mention, it holds the moisture and sand you don’t want on your towel. Teema’s on the other hand, are incredibly portable, fast drying, and repel sand.

They’re also huge by American standards at 38 x 70 inches. A terry towel that size would take up five times more space folded or rolled. Their lightweight nature makes them usable in multiple ways. Wear your Teema as a shawl, scarf or wrap. It doubles as a throw, picnic blanket and more. This brand carries versatile, functional products for the world traveler to the interior decorator, and those who appreciate fine quality fabrics.

Teema’s Waffle Towel was featured as a tested cool piece of gear with the weather finally warming up for spring. It’s only a matter of weeks before we get into June and officially into summer. With all of us being locked down during self-isolation these past couple of months, people are going to be more psyched than ever to get back to their outdoor pursuits and back to normal.

This is the towel that’s versatile enough to dry the saltwater off after a surf, keep you warm on a cool summer night at the campsite, as well as comfy and cozy watching Netflix on the couch. For all of these purposes (and more), the Teema Waffle Towel comes highly recommended.

Check out the Teema Waffle Towel for the fastest-drying in the product lineup that has a 3-D waffle weave (the type you typically see at high-end spas and resorts). It’s just as luxurious as it is capable.

Congrats Teema Towels!

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