ChicExecs PR Secures Tea With Tae in HuffPost

Our latest PR feature is for our client Tea With Tae in HuffPost!

Tea with Tae is a woman-owned tea company offering premium teas from around the world. The tea is served in eco-friendly tea sachets to preserve the sophisticated flavor profiles and aromas while maintaining the convenience of a tea bag. It’s the best of both worlds, especially for those constantly on the move and hustling every day.

The brand was featured in HuffPost as one of 10 great host gifts that aren’t a bottle of wine with the Sampler Tea Bento Box included in the roundup.

Herbal, Black, Green, Chai, Rooibos, Oolong – No matter how you take your tea, Tea With Tae is the craftiest way to sample favorites and find a few new ones as well. Create a box or choose from the preset curated collection. All tea is available in tea-pyramid sachet bags that are biodegradable.

Like a fine wine, many tea connoisseurs are particular about their delicious drink. Now, they can mix and match what they like with Tea With Tae to always have this healthy beverage on hand.

Did you know that tea is the second most-consumed drink in the world next to water, with more than 158 million Americans enjoying it daily? Millennials make up a good portion of the tea-drinking population, no doubt for antioxidants and immune-boosting benefits.

For those just dabbing in the tea world, Tea With Tae is the perfect destination.  Wind down after a long day or make this a daily wellness ritual. 

Check out Tea With Tae to find your favorite and see why there are so many reasons to love this tea! Find the Sampler Tea Bento Box here.

Congrats Tea With Tae!





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