ChicExecs PR Secures Tea Runners in Town and Country

Our latest PR feature is for our client Tea Runners in Town and Country!

Tea Runners subscription box brings small batch loose leaf tea directly to your door.

We’re all looking for a little comfort and self-soothing these days. Tea Runners is an amazing brand that delivers just that through an extraordinary tea discovery service. Every month, members receive a curated or customized collection of four top quality loose leaf teas, along with tasting notes and brewing instructions.

Town and Country featured Tea Runners as a thoughtful gift for the tea-lover in your life that’s exactly their cup of tea.

Many of the teas included in the monthly subscription boxes are award-winners from the Global Tea Championship Awards, and most of the teas come from award-winning companies. However, they know snazzy awards aren’t everything. Some of the brand’s absolute favorites are just fabulous teas they’ve discovered along the way from hard-to-find companies around the world.

They’re not interested in teas manufactured by large scale producers, often sold by popular coffee franchises and grocery stores. For those teas are often low-grade fannings churned out in high volume batches, chemically corrected for flavor and color consistency. Supreme quality is of the utmost importance at Tea Runners. Some cult favorites with remarkably delectable flavors are their Majestic Earl Grey, Lemon Drop Black, Iron Goddess of Mercy and Butterfly Mango Dragon Fruit that turns blue when you steep it.

In a changing world that feels frenzied and uncertain, receiving a perfectly crafted gorgeous package of splendid and rare teas is an experience that anyone can appreciate. Tea Runners is more than a tea company. They are the providers of warmth, relaxation and enjoyment.

Check out Tea Runners for award-winning loose leaf teas delivered straight to your doorstep. Find your perfect subscription here.

Congrats Tea Runners!


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