ChicExecs PR Secures Tamalitoz in MSN

Our latest PR feature is for our client Tamalitoz in MSN.

Your candy doesn’t have to be overly sugary or a guilty pleasure. Our client Tamalitoz is the perfect sweet treat that has its fans feeling good with every piece.

A little sweet and a little spice makes for one very nice candy. Tamalitoz is the candy that fuses the sweetness of traditional candies together with the spice that’s totally unique to Mexico.

These candies are made in the classic ribbon style with a spicy kick worked into each one. Instead of being covered in chili like traditional Mexican candy, Tamalitoz hides the spice inside, so as you suck (or crunch) on them, hints of tangy and sour heat come through in just the right amounts.

With natural flavors and colors, Tamalitoz is a great alternative to sugar-laden treats. Consumers love and appreciate the care and good intentions of making each piece with no artificial ingredients. The brand offers 10 upscale flavors that pack a punch and bring something new to your (not-so-secret) candy stash.

It all started at Sugarox Candy Studio, a tiny candy store in Mexico City making small-batch hard candy, owned and operated by the husband and husband team, Jack and Dec. Jack, being Mexican, wanted to come up with a line of candy that was inspired by the sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors of Mexican candy and Dec, being British, wanted something that kept true to the traditional candy (or sweets as he calls them). 

As they were making a batch of watermelon with chili pillows, a customer said, “These candies look like tiny candy tamales” or, in Spanish, “tamalitos.” That was the “eureka!” moment and Dec said we should call these candies “Tamalitoz” with a “Z,” and so the original name was born.

MSN featured the Tamalitoz Peach Slapped Candies in a recent article highlighting food that makes the perfect beach snacks. Not for the timid or faint of heart, the bold peach flavor married with the explosion of spice gives the sweetness you crave on a hot day without the mess of the actual fruit. 

Check out Tamalitoz for a whole bunch of sweet treats you won’t want to stop eating. Find Peach Slapped here and all the other flavors here.

Congrats Tamalitoz!

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