ChicExecs PR Secures swaggr in USA Today

Our latest PR feature is for our client swaggr in USA Today!

Swaggr socks are made from plastic with a goal to reduce the plastic that ends up in our oceans. Aside from their new sock line for kids which allows families to get involved and to educate children on the importance of recycling, they’ve also launched their crew socks with environmental statements on them that say “Save The Turtles” “My Ocean Is Not Your Trash Can” and “Do You Even Recycle Bro?”

Named one of the top 10 recycled products you need to add to your closet, every pair of socks from swaggr contains at least two recycled plastic bottles so, when it comes to helping the planet, you are literally taking a step in the right direction. They say that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. In fact, that’s the philosophy many companies like swaggr are embracing these days, using recycled products and materials to make unique items you’ll want to take with you wherever you go.

Fill your sock drawer with these must-have crew socks and athletic socks, all of which are soft and super comfortable. These one-size-fits-all socks stretch to perfectly conform to your feet. Thanks to an extra layer of padding, staying active is as sustainable as the socks themselves.

These socks aren’t just eco-friendly, they’re design-friendly too! They provide arch support and cozy-cushion sole, a seamless toe, they’re super stretchy, the heel stays in place and they’re moisture resistant as they contain a ventilation weave. They’re also made in the USA.

To make sure these recycled bottles turned to yarn stay out of landfills even further, swaggr encourages customers to send back their discarded pairs so they can be further recycled. These unique fibers can be broken down once again to make more socks! Last but not least, they just started a partnership with 1% For The Planet where they donate one percent of their annual gross revenue to a non-profit.

Check out swaggr for eco-friendly socks the environment and your wardrobe will thank you for.

Congrats swaggr!

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