ChicExecs PR Secures Sunny Culture in Mind Body Green

Our latest PR feature is for our client Sunny Culture in Mind Body Green!

Sunny Culture is the go-to brand for probiotic bottled drinks and shots filled with flavor and wellness for a stronger microbiome. It’s what today’s health-conscious folks are drinking. This delicious probiotic water kefir drink focuses on gut health and makes taste buds happy. Enjoy refreshing natural offerings of ginger, elderberry, and turmeric that will make you want to leave bitter kombucha and boring sodas behind.

In a feature on the best probiotic drinks of 2022, Mind Body Green selected Sunny Culture’s Turmeric Ginger Probiotic Shots for its inflammation-fighting benefits thanks to turmeric, ginger, and black pepper.

Sunny Culture has the best disposition for offering consumers the top probiotic water kefir drinks on the market. Each probiotic bottled drink and shot has 15 different probiotic strains and five billion CFUs!

The brand’s mission is to improve gut health and well-being for a healthy lifestyle that’s easily attainable by incorporating these beverages into your daily routine. The shots consist of healthy bacteria needed to regulate gut bacteria and boost your immune system.

Sunny Culture immunity probiotic shots are sure to give you the boost your body needs. They do this effectively by handcrafting dairy-free probiotic water kefir using a raw fermentation, small-batch process with whole organic ingredients. All offerings are non-addictive, caffeine-free, vegan, Keto-friendly, and USDA organic. 

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Sunny Culture was founded by two best friends who became keenly aware of the importance of diet, regulating gut bacteria, and improving immune systems while playing competitive tennis and having family members go through major illnesses.

Check out Sunny Culture and enjoy delicious beverages and shots that will leave you feeling all-around better. Find the Turmeric Ginger Probiotic Shots highlighted in Mind Body Green here.

Congrats Sunny Culture!







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