ChicExecs PR Secures Storypod in Country Living

Our latest PR feature is for our client Storypod in Country Living.

Our kids spend a lot of time with screens. But working in screen-free time they’ll like can be challenging, especially when parents are busy with everything else.

Our client Storypod is an expert at screen-free learning that kids love and parents feel good about using in their homes.

Storypod is helping screen-conscious parents raise intelligent and healthy kids through the power of interactive audio play. The special speaker captures kids’ imaginations and brings stories to life. Additionally, its soothing nature helps to establish easier bedtime routines through imagination-building stories full of fairy tales, fables, and original concepts, as well as calming music and songs.

The read-along audiobooks provide an excellent resource for developing their print awareness and are designed to engage your child’s imagination while encouraging them to interact with the books.

Country Living recently featured Storypod. They highlighted the Storypod Starter Set in an article listing the best Easter gifts for kids and toddlers, noting “Storypod is so fun and engaging that kids will forget about the television’s existence.”

Storypod invites kids and parents to a fun, screen-free journey with its smart audio play system for storytelling, learning, and literacy.

The product has resonated with thousands of families across the country. Upon listing, it became the second most crowdfunded toy in history and continues to bring families together through unique storytelling and imagination.

Kids tap age-appropriate yarn figures, audiobooks, or trivia cards on top of the Storypod to engage with fascinating stories, songs, and lessons (in English and Spanish). From lush, eye-grabbing illustrations to catchy sing-alongs, the Storypod strengthens your child’s literacy skills through fun and interactive audio content.

Check out Storypod for an award-winning immersive system your kiddos will love to use daily. Find the Storypod Starter Kit here.

Congrats Storypod!


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