ChicExecs PR Secures Stone + Lain in Women’s Health

Our latest PR feature is for our client Stone + Lain in Women’s Health.

Add an extra sparkle to your New Year’s Eve party this year with Stone + Lain. Providing dinner parties or family meals essentials, you can have a beautiful set from a company that gives you everything you will need. Wide bowls for warm wintertime soup, or mugs for the post-dinner coffee and conversation. The wide variety of styles has something for any design preference and budget, so everyone can find something they love.

In a feature highlighting gifts for the family, Women’s Health included the porcelain set as a perfect ready-made gift that adds an elegant touch to family dinner parties. 

You have the choice of picking one of the pre-designed sets to take the hassle out of finding pieces that work together. Or mix and match colors to create your unique style that stands out. Their durability means they will become your favorite dishes to use year-round and not just for special occasions. 

Stone + Lain offers a variety of ways to pick a dining set to make it easier for you to have a place to start. Choose stoneware for a rustic feel, or bone china to rival your grandmother’s collection. They have styles to fit every aesthetic, from minimalist to glam to timeless. Each set includes services for eight or four people, and you can purchase as many individual pieces as you want to fulfill your unique needs. Whether you want something to fit in with your backyard BBQ or a neutral set to blend in with any kitchen, Stone + Lain has a variety of offerings to please most preferences.

Check out Stone + Lain to add a bit of glam and chic to every dinner party. Available here and on Amazon.

Congrats Stone + Lain!


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