ChicExecs PR Secures SPRAISE on WUSA9

Our latest PR feature is for our client SPRAISE on WUSA9!

A boost of wellness throughout our days is not only invigorating, but much needed in today’s climate. Mixing clean beauty with intentional skin praise has resulted in the newest hot brand to hit the beauty industry.

SPRAISE is a premium vegan skincare line that’s luxurious, indulgent, and healthy for your skin. It encourages women to take a pause and check-in with themselves each day. A moment to honor their bodies and empower their beautiful souls (even if it’s just a minute in the shower).

Founder Dominique Boseman spoke with Great Day Washington on WUSA9 explaining the inspiration behind her product line and its benefits. She started SPRAISE after struggling with eczema and dry, itchy, and sensitive skin. As a former human rights attorney, she’s passionate about giving people access to things that make their lives better and more beautiful. The SPRAISE collection does just that.

She was inspired to create this amazing brand by the most loving woman in her life, her grandmother Odessa. An “ode” is a song of love, thus, the “Odes to Self” line that she’s created takes us out of our head and into our heart, as we remember we are worthy of praise. 

An affordable black-owned brand, create moments for daily skin praise with the brand’s offerings (remembering to say “Ode to Self” aloud when applying). Take a “spraise break” to feel better instantly with its body washes, moisturizers, mists, and scrubs.

Reimagine what it means to take care of your skin, not just cover it up to hide blemishes or skin ailments. Treat it with care and it will love you back. 

Check out SPRAISE for luxurious vegan body care that reminds you to make time for yourself each and every day. Find them here.

Congrats SPRAISE!








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