ChicExecs PR Secures Southern Caramel in Forbes

Our latest PR feature is for our client Southern Caramel  in Forbes!

If you were lucky enough to be one of Sarah Smith’s former coworkers, then you would regularly receive her homemade caramel candies as Christmas gifts. The raves of family and friends encouraged her to start her own business.

Now, we all can enjoy her handcrafted caramels in the comfort of home with Southern Caramel, the sweetest treat you’ll indulge in this year.

Forbes featured the brand in its article on edible Valentine’s Day treats that are outside the (heart-shaped) box.

Southern Caramel is a brand that has rich gourmet flavor and an inspiring story. As a woman-owned business, Sarah has expertly crafted her niche in the caramel confection industry. She’s making a sweet tradition with a modern twist, offering a lovely pick-me-up for our current times.

Have you ever tried bourbon or sea salted caramel? If not, you’re in for a treat! They’re not your grocery store variety. These are among the best-selling, made-from-scratch flavors from Southern CaramelYear-round flavors and seasonal offerings make this a one-stop-shop for mouthwatering caramels. 

The fresh ingredients are simple – sugar, cream, and butter – but in the hands of an experienced candy confectioner like Sarah, they turn into golden gourmet delights! The method for caramelizing sugar makes all the difference. With unique flavors or flavor profiles, there’s something for every occasion (not that you need a reason to indulge!).

The brand’s other caramel offerings include chocolate strawberry,  lime-salted, coffee, and lavender tea. A sea salted caramel sauce is also available as are gift boxes and sampler packs. All caramels are made in small batches with quality ingredients that stand out.

Check out Southern Caramel for a sweet tradition for our modern lifestyles that’s a pleasure to enjoy all year long. Find them here.

Congrats Southern Caramel!

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