ChicExecs PR Secures SnoShark in Real Simple

Our latest PR feature is for our client SnoShark in Real Simple!

Cleaning off a snow covered, icy car is never an easy process, until now. The SnoShark is the last tool you’ll ever need for winter car care.

Move more snow faster with this heavy duty, durable yet lightweight snow removal tool made with high-grade aluminum, zinc alloy, and stainless steel parts that are built to last. The anti-freeze nylon paddle can withstand severe temperatures and the EVA foam assists the paddle in gliding through the snow while protecting your finish. SnoShark extends to two locking positions for easy cleaning yet collapses down to a compact size for convenient storage. The makers believe in the product so much that they offer a lifetime warranty.

In a feature on clever items to upgrade your week, Real Simple included the SnoShark Standard for an easy way to push away snow in hard to reach places on your car, then flip it over to scrape your windshield.

SnoShark is an effective and efficient winter must-have, available in standard and extra large. The original standard SnoShark measures 20” when compact and reaches all the way to 39” when extended. With a specially designed paddle with anti-freeze additive to withstand the cold, and an EVA foam sleeve that prevents the paddle from scratching your finish, you’ll easily and quickly clean off snow and ice.

The XL features a lightweight, scratch-proof paddle with telescoping/collapsible handle that allows you to reach and remove snow from the highest points of your adventure vehicles (SUV’s, campers, vans and trucks…even semis) with ease.  The patented push/pull action allows you to ‘move’ larger amounts of snow in either direction and extends to two locking positions, 40 and 54 inches, for quick and easy cleaning yet collapses down to a compact 24 inches for convenient storage.

Check out SnoShark and do yourself, and your car, a favor this year and tackle winter with ease. Find the SnoShark Standard here and on Amazon.

Congrats SnoShark!


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