ChicExecs PR Secures Smart Buddies on Good Morning America

Our latest PR feature is for our client Smart Buddies on Good Morning America!

Smart Buddies are a diverse set of characters on self-balancing, programmable scooters that girls and boys can code to zoom, spin, race, and dance! Connected via smartphone or tablet, Smart Buddies allows kids, ages 6 and up to immerse themselves in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Most schools right now are only focusing on “emergency school work” like basic Math and English—not STEM. So kids are missing out on important skills. Smart Buddies battles screen fatigue and gets kids active—on the floor with real robots and playing and learning.

Featured in the segment, “5 Pandemic Care Packages to Send to Brighten Someone’s Day,” kids get to pick out their favorite doll from a diverse set of characters. Young coders will be on their way to programming scooters that they can code to move. This delivery comes with live and recorded coding classes via a Smart Buddies app and online, as well as books so they can read about the characters they choose.

These enthralling figures are operated via the free “SmartBuddies” app, available on iOS Android and Google Chromebook. Kids can then learn to program their new bestie in three ways with remote control, draw path, and block-based coding modes. Start with the basics and grow to do problem-solving techniques that cover fundamental coding concepts such as sequences, loops, events, conditionals, functions, and variables.

Smart Buddies is brought to you by Smart Gurlz, the world’s first line of self-balancing coding robots for kids. Smart Gurlz appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank and these award-winning products have been recommended by the Girl Scouts of America and BlackGirlsCode.

Check out Smart Buddies for the perfectly packaged delivery kit that’s both fun and educational for kids.

Congrats Smart Buddies!





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