ChicExecs PR Secures Silken Pure in Wired

Our latest PR feature is for our client Silken Pure in Wired!

Sleepless nights is something that seems to afflict more and more Americans lately. The good news is that the products from Silken Pure can help. Imagine laying down on the most luxurious silk – who wouldn’t be able to just say “ah” and relax?

Silken Pure creates pillowcases, sleep masks, and robes from pure mulberry silk in which the supplier has an OKEO TEX 100 rating to ensure only non-toxic dyes and natural fibers are used. The silk is full of protein-rich fibers that contain 18 different amino acids that your skin naturally absorbs and retains, which means your skin is hydrating while you sleep. Better yet, Silken Pure’s pure mulberry silk has you moving past the synthetic, artificial, petrochemicals that are used in most cotton products.

Other benefits of mulberry silk are:

  • ANTI AGING: Pure Silk’s 18 amino acids and tightly woven/smooth fibers hold moisture, leaving your skin hydrated and keeps nighttime moisturizers on the face (will not end up on a pillow).
  • HYPOALLERGENIC:  Pure silk keeps the skin from bacteria and allergens like dust mites that cause irritation and breakouts.
  • ANTI BEDHEAD:  Pure silk allows hair to glide rather than tug and damage hair.  Extends blowouts and hairstyles.
  • ANTI SLEEP WRINKLES:  Pure Silk’s gentle fibers keep skin smooth on the pillowcase and protect delicate areas around the face.

For beauty fanatics, Wired featured Silken Pure’s pillowcases as a great gift to give this holiday to make them feel fabulous. No more rubbing heads against a cotton pillow that isn’t great for hair or skin. They noted that sleeping on silk has many benefits, including reducing flyaways, hair breakages, and overheating.

Check out Silken Pure for luxurious offerings that are perfect for any season. Find the pillowcases here.

Congrats Silken Pure!







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