ChicExecs PR Secures SideTrak on Today Online

Our latest PR feature is for our client SideTrak on Today Online!

The “new normal” of working remotely has many of us feeling easily sidetracked. Now, that’s not a bad thing!

Working out of your home or other remote location has become more efficient thanks to SideTrak. It’s a portable laptop monitor you need, improving your productivity wherever you do your best work. It’s a game-changer and the ultimate work from home solution, taking only a matter of seconds to install.

SideTrak was started by the founders of Stand Steady, innovators of standing desks and ergonomic office products. The company’s mission is to bring joy to people at work by combining the portability of a laptop with the productivity of working on two screens. Their motto is simple – love your work, wherever you work.

SideTrak was included in Today’s list of best tech gifts of 2020 for making all the difference in a home office.

Eliminate the frustrating task of going back and forth between tabs and transform your workstation into a dual-screen setup. Adding a second screen increases productivity by 20 to 30 percent, saving you more than eight hours each week. Imagine working effortlessly with two screens without the need for a table. Pick up your dual monitor and move it around without having to unplug your setup. Plus, make your presentations more engaging by mirroring your screen and sharing the content with an audience with SideTrak’s innovative 270° screen rotation capabilities. 

SideTrak securely attaches to the back of your laptop with device-safe metal plates. It’s easy to carry and fit into your bag or backpack. Compatible with most 13” to 17.5” Mac, Windows, or Chrome laptops, the slim and lightweight design adds just 0.7″ and 1.65 lbs to your laptop. 

Check out SideTrak to make working from home a bit more effortless. Find it on Amazon.

Congrats SideTrak!





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