ChicExecs PR Secures SideTrak in PopSugar 

Our latest PR feature is for our client SideTrak in PopSugar!

Contributing editor Kelsey Mulvey for PopSugar Shop selected the SideTrak’s portable monitor as a must-have for travels.

“As a freelance journalist, I work during most (if not, all) of my vacations. And, I have to be honest with you: I sometimes miss my permanent setup. But, thanks to this SideTrak Solo Freestanding Portable Monitor ($300), I have access to more screen space — minus the unnecessary bulk of my home office.”

SideTrak Solo delivers the flexibility you need without sacrificing quality. This freestanding portable monitor is lightweight, durable, and boasts a stunning high-quality display great for your creative projects, gaming, and movie needs. It’s fully adjustable settings, game-changing brightness and color technology, and innovative features will revolutionize the way you work and play.

Whether you are on a zoom call or working on an important project, easily reference data and take notes with more screen real estate. This portable monitor allows you to extend, mirror, and span your laptop display

SideTrak Solo’s wide color gamut and 8-bit color anti-glare display provides vivid colors and exceptional detail. This is the perfect monitor for creative projects, streaming movies, gaming, and more.

This portable monitor is lightweight, durable, and features a slim design that is built for life on-the-go. It fits in most work bags so that you can carry it between your home and office.

Relax after work by connecting your new portable monitor to a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. Enable HDR and FreeSync Mode for the ultimate gaming experience.

Mini HDMI and USB-C ports allow this portable monitor to transmit video streaming and power to almost all operating systems including Mac, PC, Chrome, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Connect to your laptop with just one USB-C cord or both a USB-A and Mini HDMI cord.

Check out SideTrak for a sleek freestanding portable monitor that is designed to boost productivity and efficiency from anywhere. Find the Solo Freestanding Portable Monitor at Target.

Congrats SideTrak!



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