ChicExecs PR Secures SideTrak in New York Post

Our latest PR feature is for our client SideTrak in New York Post!

Spend time with loved ones this holiday and give them a tech gift that is just what they need for working from home. SideTrak’s portable laptop monitor make life easier for those needing the convenience of a second monitor. It’s an essential item that you soon will learn you can’t live without!

Improve your productivity no matter where you work and easily transform your workstation into a dual-screen setup. Conveniently move from room to room with SideTrak’s strong magnets and secure attachments. The 12.5” full HD monitor attaches to the back of a laptop with semi-permanent metal plates so you can effortlessly work anywhere with two screens.

SideTrak’s mission is to bring joy to people at work by combining the portability of a laptop with the productivity of working on two screens. The company’s founders came up with the concept when they were working remotely themselves. Many brainstorming sessions later, they took parts from an old jewelry box and a few manila folders and created the first-ever prototype. They knew SideTrak needed to be easy to carry, lightweight, and should have only one cord. With these non-negotiables in mind, they worked for two years with two engineering teams to ensure they could provide the best possible functionality and quality. The rest is history, and now one of the must-have items on many holiday lists!

SideTrak was included in the New York Post’s roundup on luxury gifts for men worth splurging on this Christmas. Give the man in your life, whether it’s your son, husband, boyfriend, grandfather, a gift that they’ll use immediately.

Check out SideTrak and eliminate the frustration of going back and forth between tabs with a portable monitor that effortlessly attaches to your laptop. Find it here.

Congrats SideTrak!

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