ChicExecs PR Secures SideTrak in AP News

Our latest PR feature is for our client SideTrak in AP News!

This year will be remembered when working from home became the norm for many. For companies such as SideTrak, they’ve made it incredibly easier for telecommuters to get their work done efficiently and improving productivity in the process.

The company has received much recognition this year (including the 2020 Esquire Gadget Award) for its portable laptop monitor that is easy to set up, providing a second monitor in seconds. Gone will be the days when you have to go back and forth between tabs. Your workstation will be transformed into a dual-screen setup. Presentations become more engaging by mirroring your screen and sharing the content with an audience with 270° screen rotation capabilities.

The SideTrak Slide Portable Monitor features:

  • – A 12.5” FHD IPS portable monitor
  • – Securely attaches to the back of your laptop with device-safe metal plates.
  • – Powered by built-in DisplayLink technology
  • – Compatible with most 13” to 17.5” Mac, Windows, or Chrome laptops.
  • – Slim and lightweight design that adds just 0.7″ and 1.65 lbs to your laptop
  • – Easy to carry and fit into your bag or backpack
  • – Travel with it separately using the SideTrak protective sleeve

AP News included SideTrak in its regular AM Prep-Cyber Corner column noting “It’s great for multi-tasking, doing spreadsheets, presentations — or any task that requires some viewing space.”

SideTrak was started by the founders of Stand Steady, innovators of standing desks and ergonomic office products. The company’s latest release is the SideTrak Swivel featuring a unique hinge and screen autorotation that allows you to easily share your screen by rotating it 360° horizontally or vertically. Adjust SideTrak Swivel to your viewing preferences by rotating the screen, adjusting the brightness, or using the kickstand. 

Check out SideTrak for the perfect solution for a more productive workday. Find the monitors here.

Congrats SideTrak!







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