ChicExecs PR Secures SeaStraws Co. in Bustle

Our latest PR feature is for our client SeaStrawsCo. in Bustle!

Are you ready to begin your sustainability journey? There is a simple way to get started. And if you are already practicing eco-conscious living, then you are going to love this brand.

SeaStrawsCo. is the maker of the most durable and sustainable paper straws on the market. They are made in the USA and last over two hours in your drink without getting soggy. These are hands down the best paper straws you will find that are strong, travel-friendly, and biodegradable. It’s a win-win all around.

The trend is well underway to move away from single-use plastics, and states are passing legislation to ban plastic straws in the hospitality industry. Change is happening, even in homes, and brands such as SeaStraws Co. are leading the way.

Bustle included the brand’s set of compostable straws in its feature on on-trend home accessories that will instantly upgrade your space, noting:

“Lowering your carbon footprint is easy when you make conscious little swaps at home. And a great place to start is with compostable products. Black, cocktail-length straws add a fancy touch for when you’re playing at-home mixologist.”

SeaStrawsCo. empowers people to achieve environmentally conscious initiatives by providing sustainable straws and other single-use products. Join them on their mission to save the seas! The brand believes in sustainability, education, and advocacy to enable conversation in our community, where change starts. A sustainable future is possible — and it happens when we all get involved.

Founded by four young entrepreneurs, their vision is to empower and educate consumers on living in harmony with the planet, becoming a go-to resource for sustainable education and products. It is brands like this that are the wave of the future.

Check out SeaStraws Co. and sip sustainably every day. Find the black cocktail straws here.

Congrats SeaStraws Co!





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