ChicExecs PR Secures SeaBear Smokehouse in First for Women

Our latest PR feature is for our client SeaBear Smokehouse in First for Women.

Summer is the perfect time to fire up your grill and enjoy some delicious foods that have the ideal amount of grill marks and smokey flavor. Fish is especially perfect for the season, with the wide variety of options to choose from and how simple they are to cook for a spontaneous backyard get-together.

You want to be spending time with your loved ones enjoying flaky, tasty seafood, not stuck in the grocery store trying to find the best fish to cook. Thankfully, Seabear Smokehouse handles the search for you.

Priding themselves on authentic, handcrafted salmon and other seafood experiences, SeaBear has been a household favorite since 1957, shipping food all over the country.

Offering a wide selection to please discerning food connoisseurs and health-conscious enthusiasts, SeaBear has a loyal following who know quality when they taste it. That’s why they keep coming back for years. 

Starting as a backyard smokehouse, the brand has evolved into the finest small-batch artisan seafood available for home delivery. Its innovative, patented Gold Seal pouch preserves the salmon naturally, so no refrigeration is required. Quick-frozen to lock in quality, flavor, and nutrients, you simply thaw, cook, and enjoy. From ready-to-eat pouches to complete seafood dinners and gift packages, there is something for every seafood connoisseur.

The SeaBear team has grown to over 80 who work at the smokehouse (a long way from the days of the original backyard smokehouse!), all proudly building upon a long, rich heritage in an idyllic waterfront community.

SeaBear ships to all 50 states and remains dedicated to its founding principles: Make great food people love and always listen to the customers. They stand behind everything they do with the unconditional Fisherman’s Oath Guarantee. SeaBear is proud to partner with the Non-GMO Project to verify many of its smoked salmon and wild seafood products with the Non-GMO Project seal.

The company also hosts Fresh & Wild events with remarkably fresh fish from some of the coolest places on earth. This year’s lineup includes superb local fisheries, each with its unique backstory. There are 20 events planned for 2022 (six announced to date) featuring fresh-caught fish hand-fileted and shipped on ice directly to customers nationwide.

Visit Seabear for more delicious options to impress your loved ones with your superior grilling skills. Find the Wild Salmon Fillets featured in First for Women here.

Congrats SeaBear Smokehouse!


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