ChicExecs PR Secures REEWAY in Yahoo! Life

Our latest PR feature is for our client REEWAY in Yahoo! Life!

While a shoe closet is perhaps a dream for some, it’s not a reality for many. Still, who doesn’t like to dress up an outfit with the perfect shoes, right? Now everyone from fashionistas to business people are changing their shoes as often as they change their wardrobe – all with one pair of sneakers.

Reinvent yourself with REEWAY, an everyday shoe for those that enjoy different styles and options to match their outfits. Grab one pair and change the way you strut with 12 interchangeable color skins for 78 different looks!

The game-changing interchangeable sneaker from Europe is rocking the fashion world in the U.S. The unisex shoe is growing in popularity, especially for those that adher to a minimalistic lifestyle. Yahoo! Life featured the brand as the best quick change winter sneaker for 2021.

Did you know that more than 60 million pairs of shoes are produced every single day globally? This overproduction racks havoc on the environment, leaving an enormous carbon footprint, in particular in the manufacturing of soles.

REEWAY is the start of slow fashion in the footwear industry by offering multiple products in just one item.

Designed by 25-year-old Benjamin Martinez, a graphic designer and fashion enthusiast, he has the pulse of what consumers want in their shoes – a way to stand out with confidence and self-expression without breaking the bank. He came up with the idea of dressing up his black shoes when he wanted to eliminate the time choosing which pairs to wear with various outfits. Little did he know he would be starting a trend.

Check out REEWAY for the perfect sneakers, so go ahead, dress up a pair with your choice of skins and save on closet space, too! Find your pair here.

Congrats REEWAY!



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