ChicExecs PR Secures Red & Olive in Buzzfeed

Our latest PR feature is for our client Red & Olive in Buzzfeed!

Red & Olive are makers of beautiful ethical dolls inspired by Peru. Launching during the heart of the pandemic, the brand has thankfully arrived at just the right time to offer extra companionship and love to our girls and boys.

Founded by a mom and stepdaughter design team, Red & Olive pays homage to their Peruvian traditions passed down through generations. Each special heirloom doll is designed to be passed on in your family, too. 

Your heart will melt at the cute offerings. Not only are the knit ethical dolls adorable, but they also help support the artisans who hand make every one.

Trendsetters Sassy Cassy, Foxy Bella Ballerina, Stinky Reed, and Mr. Beary are capturing hearts and providing companionship to girls and boys worldwide. Each fair trade doll is handmade by Peruvian artists, empowering them to provide for themselves and their families. The companion dolls come with either matching beanies or bows.

Founders Destiny and Lita were inspired to create these ethical dolls by their grandkids and kids. Incorporating Peru into their business was an important facet too. The founders are both Peruvian and felt that, throughout the process of creating the identity of Red & Olive Co., they wanted to empower other women and mothers as well.

Buzzfeed include the brand in a roundup of best toys and gifts for three-year-olds. “The quality of this stuffie simply can’t be denied! It doesn’t feel mass-produced (because it’s not) and has some weigh to it. We named ours Teddé (pronounced Teh-day) and we’re looking forward to her being dragged everywhere by our daughter and being a part of our family. Plus, we can’t wait to see them both in their matching beanies!”

The company donates 10% of sales to The Starlight Children’s Foundations, benefiting seriously ill kids all across the U.S.

Check out Red & Olive and introduce your child to their new best friend, each with their unique personality just like them! Find them here.

Congrats Red & Olive!








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