ChicExecs PR Secures RED Chocolate in Kitchn

Our latest PR feature is for our client RED Chocolate in Kitchn.

Food is a source of comfort that is universally known. Your favorite ice cream while watching TV, authentic tacos with fresh-made tortillas, mom’s special blueberry pancakes. 

There are so many options to love out there, and so many new combinations hitting the market every day that can satisfy any craving.

In an article featuring 10 of the best new groceries to debut in U.S. grocery stores, Kitchn featured our client RED chocolate and their latest guilt-free creation.

Known for its luscious chocolate that serves smart indulgence, RED Chocolate was created out of a desire to revolutionize the chocolate industry. Since the early 2000s, the Swiss-owned brand set out to make this dream a reality by mastering a recipe for mouth-watering chocolate without any added sugars.

The latest creation continues this commitment to delicious, better-for-you treats. Blonde features a perfect blend between caramelized milk and white Chocolate and offers the ultimate indulgent sweet treat with a fraction of the sugar and fat. The bars are also kosher, gluten-free, and have zero palm oil.

RED Chocolate uses crafting technology and techniques to whip and heat the milk until it reaches the perfect caramelized state and then poured over white chocolate. The combination creates a delicate, light, and smooth chocolate bar with just the right amount of toasty bruleé notes.

Ethically sourced and produced in a custom-designed environmentally-conscious facility, the brand is one of the fastest-growing confectionaries in the industry. RED’s chocolate offerings are expertly crafted with cocoa from the Ivory Coast of Africa, whose farmers select, roast, and grind the cocoa beans to perfection. They’ve mastered the use of natural sugar from the cocoa bean itself and various fruits to sweeten their recipes lightly.

Check out RED Chocolate to find your new favorite chocolate to satisfy your sweet-tooth guilt-free! Find the entire 3.5oz bar collection here.

Congrats RED Chocolate!


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