ChicExecs PR Secures PureWine® in Woman’s World

Our latest PR feature is for our client PureWine® in Woman’s World.

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a glass of your favorite wine. Whether poolside with a glass of chilled white wine or enjoy a bold red at a candlelight dinner, there’s a wine out there for everyone.

However, many people suffer from wine allergies that make enjoying even one small glass impossible. The headaches, overly flushed skin, and congestion are side effects that no one likes or wants to deal with after drinking wine.

Our client PureWine® has a simple and easy solution to all the wine woes, so you can continue exploring all the delicious brands available.

Woman’s World featured PureWine® in a recent article detailing the brand’s purpose and mission to make wine enjoyable for everyone.

Founded by a father and son team in Texas, PureWine® provides an end to wine allergies that are simple and easy to use.

The brand and its products focus on the science of why so many people have an unpleasant reaction. Wine contains histamines and sulfite preservatives, which are inherent and necessary to win production but are known to cause the side effects that prevent individuals from drinking wine.

PureWine® actually removes these allergens without eliminating the health benefits that come in each glass. Stir in the original The Wand™ into a 6 oz. glass of wine for a few minutes to remove 50% of the toxins and 95% after just 8 minutes.

For those looking to purify an entire bottle and not use a new wand for each new glass in the evening, PureWine®  has a new reusable option. The Phoenix® utilizes the same patented purification resin technology to make your bottle of rosé perfect. The resin beads are contained in a disposable BioPod cartridge to filter as you pour. Use a fresh BioPod for each new bottle.

After five years and more than nine million products sold, PureWine® has received 5,000+ five-star reviews online and was the top-selling wine accessories on Amazon in 2021!

Try out PureWine® for all your summertime wine needs! Find The Wand™ online here.

Congrats PureWine®!

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