ChicExecs PR Secures PureWine in MSN

Our latest PR feature is for our client PureWine® in MSN.

Don’t be afraid to have that second glass of wine at your upcoming holiday parties. PureWine® has a simple yet perfect solution to those dreaded wine side effects.

The brand was recently featured in an MSN article highlighting the best gift options for the foodie and wine-obsessed loved ones in your life.

Founded by a father and son team in Texas, PureWine® provides an end to wine allergies that are simple and easy to use.

The brand and its products focus on the science of why so many people have an unpleasant reaction. Wine contains histamines and sulfite preservatives, which are inherent and necessary to win production but are known to cause the side effects that prevent individuals from drinking wine.

PureWine® removes these allergens without eliminating the health benefits that come with each glass. Stir in the original The Wand™ into a 6 oz. glass of wine for a few minutes to remove 50% of the toxins and 95% after just 8 minutes.

Enjoy wine again and alleviate the most common side effects, such as headaches, stuffy nose, skin flush, next-day hangovers, and an upset stomach. No other wine purifier filters the preservatives that trigger those unwanted wine allergies and sensitivities. The Wand™ purifies all red, white, and sparkling wines while enhancing the wine’s natural flavor, aroma, and color.

It’s super easy to use, portable and fits in a purse or pocket with no messy cleanup. The Wand™ is perfect for social gatherings, celebrations, and holidays and makes for an excellent option for gifting and sharing with friends. You’ll never lose track of your glass again with the enclosed twist-off wine charms!

Bring PureWine® to your next dinner party, and maybe an extra bottle or two. Find The Wand™ here.

Congrats PureWine!

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