ChicExecs PR Secures Pure Daily Care in Forbes

Our latest PR feature is for our client Pure Daily Care in Forbes!

Pure Daily Care offers a complete line of self-care essentials.

Forbes featured the brand’s Himalayan Pink Salt Diffuser with 10 essential oils as a great way to purify and clean the air in its features on wellness must-haves for the home. “A more decorative alternative to a salt lamp, the Pure Daily Care Himalayan Pink Salt Diffuser is beautifully designed with a wood-like finish that’s perfect for mid-century modern to modern and contemporary design schemes.”

The Himalayan Pink Salt Diffuser is a 2-in-1 wellness device that delivers two natural healing therapies in one simple device. Firstly, a heat-less ultrasonic diffuser atomizes essential oils delivering powerful therapeutic effects. Secondly, a separate chamber includes raw Himalayan salt crystals mined from the mountains of Pakistan to provide natural air ionization and purification making it easier and healthier to breathe. This neat, compact device adds a sense of peaceful ambiance to any space.

The diffuser includes over two pounds of raw, unrefined, unprocessed, and hand-carved Himalayan pink salt crystals containing over 70+ trace minerals. It comes with the top 10 essential oils, including lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, orange, peppermint, lemongrass, jasmine, nutmeg, clove, and spearmint oils. No additives or cheap filler oils are used. A variety of extraction processes are utilized, including steam distillation and cold press. All oils are therapeutic grade and come in amber 10ml jars to protect from sun degradation.

This ultrasonic diffuser atomizes water and oils through ultrasonic vibrations that preserve the integrity and original therapeutic properties of the oils. Convenient features like various soft glow ambient lighting settings and an auto-shutoff sensor are also built-in.

Check out Pure Daily Care for modern at-home skincare and wellness solutions that have made it a trusted brand among millions of users. Find the diffuser here.

Congrats Pure Daily Care!








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