ChicExecs PR Secures PuffCuff in Bustle

Our latest PR feature is for our client PuffCuff in Bustle.

PuffCuff was featured in a Bustle article on the rise of puff hairstyles and how to achieve the desired shape.

This clip is designed to avoid the headache that folks with thick hair always experience and to reduce the amount of frizz for curly hair. Plus, the sturdy design means no more snapping tons of hair ties when you need your strands, braids, or locs out of the way.

Founder Ceata Lash experienced firsthand the struggle of needing a tool that was not only functional but also easy to use and gentle on her curls.

“The whole point of my transition to natural was to embrace and show off the curls I am proud of. But, in the beginning, I couldn’t find a single product that could hold up my hair throughout the day AND without damaging it in the process.”

She saw other women voicing the same complaints and need and knew that she could offer a solution. With her husband Garrett by her side, PuffCuff was born.

This tool may seem similar to a banana clip, but the gripping power is 10 times better. Most clips on the market are designed for straight hair, which behaves entirely different from waves and curls. PuffCuff is made for curls from 2c to 4c and their needs in mind.

It was created to keep your hair securely in place without causing any unnecessary friction that’s common with elastic bands. The unisex hair clamp prevents hair breakage and is great for all types of hair, including curls of any size and textures, locs, twists, and braids.

In the Bustle article, Daisy Henson of The Daze Studio in San Diego said “[the PuffCuff] is a great alternative to an elastic and keeps your hair securely in place without causing any unnecessary tugging or pulling.”

Check out PuffCuff to get back to your roots with easy, frizz-free styling. Find every option available here and through Amazon.

Congrats PuffCuff!


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