ChicExecs PR Secures PoolCandy in POPSUGAR

Our latest PR feature is for our client Pool Candy in POPSUGAR!

The authority on all things fabulous and inflatable, PoolCandy launched whimsical new animals including the king of the pool floats “the Inflatable T-Rex. Go Prehistoric and remain on top of the food chain at any pool party! This jumbo pool tube is 4-feet wide and will hold up to 250 pounds! Every terrifying detail of this powerful beast was captured using high-resolution RealPrint technology from PoolCandy.

As you enjoy life as the apex predator on a pool float 66 million years in the making, check out the new glitter dragon and glitter seahorse. Bring the shimmer and magic of the Glitter Dragon Pool Float from PoolCandy to your next pool party. The amazing horn of the real-life dragon is brought to life with glitter sparkles. If adorable dragons aren’t your thing, cuddle up with a sweet seahorse. The jumbo-sized 48-inch transparent ring is filled with silver-blue glitter that has a holographic reflection in the sunlight.

PoolCandy also expanded their wildly popular holographic collection to include a charming oyster, sun chair, pillow raft, drink float and beach ball. The holographic PVC will catch and reflect the light in a dazzling color-changing display. Nothing catches the sunlight quite like gorgeous holographic floats! Lights and colors will flash and dance around your body as you comfortably float and relax. If you weren’t already daydreaming of warmer weather, long lazy summer days and glorious hot sunshine, then you absolutely will be after checking out the newest floats.

PoolCandy is all about having you enjoy life. It’s a fashion forward development company that produces unique, one-of-a-kind products with its headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Check out PoolCandy for the Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur that allows swimmers to put up their feet and relax while also being propped up, so they can still join in on all the fun. Did we mention hilarious tiny arms attached?

Congrats PoolCandy!

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