ChicExecs PR Secures PoolCandy in Elite Daily


Our latest PR feature is for our client PoolCandy in Elite Daily!

PoolCandy is the lifestyle brand that produces unique, one-of-a-kind products with its headquarters in Miami, Florida. Well-known for its collection of fun and innovative pool floats, the authority on all things fabulous and inflatable launched new additions to put you in a summer mood especially within the glitter and holographic collections.

Featured floats include the world’s first holographic pool raft that’s nearly 6 feet long. The Holographic Pillow Raft from PoolCandy is a wide-construction raft that features an ample pillow. With unique color-changing effects,  its holographic PVC will add color and class to any pool. Also within the holographic collection, nothing catches the sunlight quite like the Holographic Glitter Sun Chair. It includes handles to make it easy to get in the pool and a built-in holder at your side. You may never want to get out of the pool!

If you’re looking to add some glitter and glam to your swim and take some Instagram-worthy pics, look to the Gold Glitter Swan Pool Tube. The jumbo-sized 48-inch pool float is a graceful swan filled with holographic gold glitter that changes color in the sunlight. Other new whimsical glitter animal pool tubes include a dragon and a seahorse. This summer, PoolCandy’s going prehistoric with the “king of the pool floats,” the T-Rex Dinosaur 48″ Swim Ring. The jumbo pool tube is 4-feet wide and will hold up to 250 pounds. Every terrifying detail of this powerful beast was captured using high-resolution RealPrint technology from PoolCandy. Enjoy life as the apex predator on a pool float 66 million years in the making!

Check out PoolCandy for the floats that upgrade your pool party collection and get you ready for a sizzling season. The best part about each collection is that they are available now!

Congrats PoolCandy!

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