ChicExecs PR Secures Plum Paper in Buzzfeed

Our latest PR feature is for our client Plum Paper in Buzzfeed!

Buzzfeed featured the brand in its roundup of the best planners to help you get your life together in 2021. The Plum Paper college student planner was highlighted for its range of customization options, multiple layouts, and extra pages to track courses, reading lists, exams and more.

Plan your every day, your way with planners from Plum Paper. Pick your own cover from a myriad of gorgeous designs and prints and add a cute photo, favorite quote, or monogram, too. With customizable layouts to choose from, you can create a planner that mirrors your needs and lifestyle.

Why force a generic planner to work for you when you deserve a planner that is intuitive to your needs and will maximize your time? Imagine having a designated space in your planner for what matters to you most – a space for your kids, work schedule, class schedule, the list goes on and on.

Beyond that, there are even dozens of special sections for you to include, from home planning to education, travel, business, meal planning, and fitness. There is even an add on for personal reflection time and self care. Starting your organizational journey mid-year? The month that your planner will start from is entirely up to you. When you get to customize your planner with what’s important to your life, the hard work of planning goes away, leaving you with joy and productivity.

Plum Paper is a stationery company based in San Diego, California. While starting out making simple note cards and wedding invitations, it wasn’t long before its line of planners and notebooks became the most popular and favorite product.

Check out Plum Paper for handmade planners that help you stay organized throughout the year. Find the student planners here.

Congrats Plum Paper!








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