ChicExecs PR Secures OLITA and SPRAISE in Red Tricycle

Our latest PR feature is for our clients OLITA and SPRAISE in Red Tricycle!

Both brands were featured as having the best summer beauty products for moms. OLITA’s Aftersun Hydrating Body Serum was highlighted. This nutrient-packed light oil serum is perfect for cooling down after a day in the sun or anytime your skin needs some calming hydration. Deeply moisturizing but never greasy, the carefully curated blend of plant extract oils and Vitamin E restores essential nutrients and leaves skin with a nourished glow. It includes premium all-natural ingredients specially selected to provide optimum soft and soothed skin. It’s available in Cool Coconut, Soothing Citrus, and fragrance-free options.

OLITA believes in creating clean suncare products that protect and nourish the skin without harming the environment. The brand values formulas backed by science and treasures time, experience, and memories with family.

SPRAISE is “Clean Beauty and Intentional Skin Praise.” It’s a combination of indulgent textures and inspiring scents that leave women feeling relaxed, confident, and ready to shine. It’s an “ode to self” to see and celebrate your unique beauty while encouraging others to do the same.

Founder Dominique Boseman started SPRAISE after struggling with eczema and dry, itchy, and sensitive skin. As a former human rights attorney, she’s passionate about giving people access to things that make their lives better and more beautiful. The SPRAISE collection does just that.

This brand offers vegan and plant-based skin nourishing products that create moments worth celebrating. Take a “spraise break” and feel better instantly with its body washes, moisturizers, mists, and scrubs.

Check out OLITA and SPRAISE for summer must-haves to leave your skin feeling radiant, moisturized, and refreshed from the sun’s harmful rays this season. Find OLITA’s Aftersun Hydrating Body Serum here and the SPRAISE collection here.

Congrats OLITA and SPRAISE!


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