ChicExecs PR Secures nuJo in Rolling Stone

Our latest PR feature is for our client nuJo in Rolling Stone!

Your daily grind just became a lot healthier! If coffee and tea had a baby, it would be named nuJo.

Leave it to a mom entrepreneur, Carmen Wagner, to come up with a plant-based coffee alternative with immune-boosting benefits. Ground up, you and your coffee pot won’t know the difference but your gut will!

nuJo is the new caffeine-free cup of Joe made with just six prebiotic superfoods that never sacrifice flavor (organic quinoa, chicory root, orange peel, cloves, allspice, and MCT coconut oil). Low in carbs and calories, it helps with gut health and symptoms from overindulging when you need it most. 

Hot or iced, nuJo is the convenient way to enjoy that coffee lifestyle without the buzz, crash, or stomach upset. Available as a grind to easily use in a coffee maker, there’s also an individual brew bag (great for traveling) and a ready-to-drink bottled cold brew.

nuJo is plant-based, sugar-free, gluten-free, and just 10 calories. Health-conscious folks looking for ways to wean off coffee will fall in love with its goodness. With 100 percent organic ingredients, it’s an easy lifestyle hack with tremendous benefits. Plus, it’s vegan, keto, and diabetic-friendly.

The ingredients in nuJo have anti-inflammatory properties to help calm your body’s inflammatory response (key if you’ve eaten too much sugar!). 

Based in the heart of Tennessee, nuJo is becoming a national obsession. Rolling Stone featured the brand in its article on energizing coffee alternatives.

Know that when you purchase nuJo, you’re also supporting kids and families within the foster care community in the United States.  nuJo donates a portion of its proceeds to support the amazing work of the National Angels nonprofit organization.

Check out nuJo and feel good about helping yourself to another delicious cup, hot or iced, anytime! Find your preferred option here.

Congrats nuJo!

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