ChicExecs PR Secures Nostalgia Coffee Roasters in Rolling Stone

Our latest PR feature is for our client Nostalgia Coffee Roasters in Rolling Stone!

Nostalgia Coffee Roasters was featured in an article highlighting the best lesbian and queer-owned woman brands to support during Pride Month.

This LGBTQ-led company puts its hearts into building a roastery with love from the ground up. Nostalgia Coffee Roasters began a mobile cart roasting program in the summer of 2020 thanks to COVID, and they quickly realized they needed to pivot to online sales to stay afloat. The first three coffees the brand roasted received 92, 93, and 94 points from Coffee Review, making them one of the best micro-roasters in the country. Whether you love the finest $200 per cup of Geisha coffee or instant coffee, they’ve got something for you that will knock your socks off. With the launch of its online sales, Nostalgia spreads its vibe, passion for coffee, and love for all humans. They have an award-winning head roaster and are certified by America’s only internationally recognized barista guild.

The San Diego-based brand is the first specialty roaster to create its own brew bags, bringing convenience and whole-bean taste to coffee lovers and a new way to experience bold, rich flavors. The coffee is 100% ethically and sustainably grown and sourced globally.

The company is dedicated to changing how people experience, brew, and buy coffee. They provide flourishing salaries, put women in positions of power, and employ a diverse team while giving 5% of revenue back to coffee producers.

Check out Nostalgia Coffee Roasters for Pride Month and grab the Memory Lane blend featured in rainbow packaging, with 10% of sales donated to the San Diego LGBTQ Center. As founder Taylor Fields notes:

“This is a coffee for everyone; a coffee that sparks joy in coffee connoisseurs and new coffee drinkers alike; a coffee that makes excellent espresso and a fantastic pour over. But most importantly, a coffee that will take you walking down Memory Lane.”

Congrats Nostalgia Coffee Roasters!

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