ChicExecs PR Secures Nodpod in First for Women

Our latest PR feature is for our client Nodpod  in First for Women!

Nodpod is a comfortable hug for your head and works perfectly in any position. With more benefits than a sleep mask and the qualities of a weighted blanket, Nodpod harnesses the power of Deep Touch Pressure with it’s innovative, strap-free design. Nodpod applies gentle pressure to help relieve stress and anxiety while promoting deep restful sleep.

Presented as a new way to beat insomnia, chronic pain and more, Nodpod was also named as an affordable alternative to an expensive weighted blanket. With warm weather on the way, who wants to be stuck under a heavy blanket all night anyway? According to a recent Nielsen survey, 83 percent of us are paying closer attention to what we eat, and 74 percent of us are focused on getting fit, improving our sleep and using lifestyle tweaks to prevent and treat illnesses. The catch? Our wallets are feeling the pinch. With Nodpod, you can achieve a better night’s rest at a budget-friendly $30.

Nodpod is freezer-friendly for hot sleepers. For a refreshing bedtime experience this summer, place your Nodpod in the fridge or freezer. Even super-chilled, the icy pod stays soft and flexible. You can also sleep comfortably in any position anywhere with its design. For power nappers, night tossers and travelers, Nodpod is the functional sleep accessory that meets your needs. For those who suffer from migraines, its gentle pressure can provide much needed relief. Sleep on your back, your side or upright, it’s the product that’s got you covered.

“Weighted eye pillows have been used to enhance sleep for years,” said FIRST columnist Cindy Geyer, M.D., medical director at Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort in Lenox, Massachusetts. “The gentle pressure they exert on the nerves behind the eyes sends messages to the brain, heart, and digestive tract that produce a deep sense of calm.”

Check out Nodpod for the weighted eye mask helping you get a better sleep at an affordable price.

Congrats Nodpod!





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