ChicExecs PR Secures Never Knew I Needed in Women’s Health

Our latest feature is for our client Never Knew I Needed and its founder Abby Greenburg in Women’s Health.

Weddings are the most beautiful ceremonies. Getting to celebrate two people falling in love and beginning a new life together is heartwarming and can bring a tear to even the most jaded person. Not to mention the cake, dancing, and drinks after the ceremony. What’s not to love?

While the ceremony and reception are fun-filled events you’ll want to remember, you can only get there by planning everything that comes before it. Keeping track of the various details, figuring out how you’re going to ask your friends to be bridesmaids, what color scheme you and your fiance like best, and so many other details that you never knew you needed to think about.

No need to worry about those little details, the founder behind NKIN has you covered on any and everything you could require to make your special day flawless.

Founded by Abby Greenburg, NKIN is a one-stop wedding shop that provides all sorts of beautiful and charming items to make wedding planning and celebration as smooth as possible. The brand is based in Ottawa, Canada, and proudly meets the needs of brides and engaged persons, which the wedding industry would ignore.

NKIN started in 2019 when Abby saw a major gap in the wedding market and industry. She knew there weren’t nearly enough boutiques or brands that were open or welcoming to all brides, regardless of size, gender, or sexual orientation.

The brand is proudly inclusive to all and ensures that every bride feels represented, whether in their brick-and-mortar boutique or browsing online. Complete with amazing personalized touches, apparel in sizes up to 5XL, and wedding gifts that celebrate love of all kinds.

An expert at helping brides plan out the big day, Abby was interviewed by Women’s Health. In the article, she was asked to select her favorite bridesmaid robes and why they add much-needed unity on an otherwise hectic day.

“Who doesn’t want those candid shots on the morning of the wedding? Bridesmaid robes create a cohesive look amongst the bridal party and set the vibe for the rest of the day! It lets the bridal party feel connected and puts out the mantra of ‘we are one team getting these two lovebirds down the aisle’ that bonds everyone together.”

Be sure to check out Never Knew I Needed to ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch! Find their best-selling robe options here.

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