ChicExecs PR Secures Nesting Days in Scary Mommy

Our latest PR feature is for our client Nesting Days in Scary Mommy!

The Nesting Days lightweight carrier is a useful tool that helps moms recover from childbirth and C-sections while providing them with the most special skin-to-skin benefits with their newborns from day one. The postpartum shaper in the midsection allows moms to heal comfortably while going about with the day’s activities.

 Founder Julie Arvan is a postpartum doula with a purpose-driven brand, lending a helping hand during what she refers to as the fourth trimester and supporting the emotional needs of new moms. 

“I realized I had the background and skills to create a second womb for the fourth trimester that held a newborn skin-to-skin, in keeping with the latest research on infant development and bonding, that was also hands-free, and provided for the postpartum mom’s body the gentle compression she needed as she recovered from pregnancy and delivery,” said Julie.

Scary Mommy featured the brand as a great babywearing carrier for skin-to-skin time for dads as well as moms.

Why Choose a Nesting Days Carrier:

– Blends fashion, function, and freedom

– Features the sleek and comfortable feel of a baby wrap but uses a patented ‘wing’ design that is much easier to put on

– Breastfeed while keeping baby in the carrier

– Keeps baby a safe distance from others

– No buckles, hard edges, straps, or wrapping

– Can be worn ‘hands-free’ with baby, while also being safe

– Functions as a postpartum bo shaper on the mid-section

– Has a skirt that can either be worn down or up over the rest of the baby carrier

– Can be worn ‘feet-in’ (for younger babies) or ‘feet-out’ as baby gets bigger

Check out Nesting Days and join the movement of parents worldwide who enjoy wrapping their newborns in these carriers as both reap the benefits of skin-to-skin touch. Find them here.

Congrats Nesting Days!







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