ChicExecs PR Secures Nasoni in Real Simple

Our latest PR feature is for our client Nasoni in Real Simple!

Showcased as a clever item to simplify your life, Nasoni fountain faucets make washing your face, brushing your teeth, taking a pill, getting makeup off, keeping your counter clean, etc. so incredibly easy! The Da Vinci Fountain Faucet model uses patented Dynamic Fountain Flow Technology to redirect the path of water from the downspout to the fountain hole at the top, thereby creating the perfect water fountain. With just a flip of a lever, the traditional spout becomes a magnificent arc of pure, clean water.

Experience this glorious fountain spout in two different models: Centerset, mounted on a single base and made for basins with three holes, and Widespread, made for three-hole basins with three separate pieces. Faucets come in different finishes including gloss black nickel, brushed nickel and polished chrome. Each are coated in a special finish that resists spots and does not corrode, discolor or tarnish.

Nasoni is changing the game of faucet functionality as we know it. Inspired by ancient Rome, Nasoni faucets transform into a personal water fountain, with just a flip of a switch. Simple, beautiful and effortlessly elegant, Nasoni has solved annoying difficulties of everyday bathroom routines. Money/water saving, makes bathroom counter clean up a breeze, and, you can get rid of those wasteful little sink-side cups that are full of bacteria. The brand has also been recognized at home improvement and interior design conferences across the country, winning prestigious awards for innovation and customer service.

Check out Nasoni for the fountain faucet that simplifies your life and reduces your water usage at the sink. The Da Vinci uses 88 percent less water than existing faucets. The potential water savings in the U.S. alone could be as high as 136 billion gallons annually.

Congrats Nasoni!

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