ChicExecs PR Secures Multiple Clients on Great Day Live

Our latest PR feature is for several of our clients on Tampa’s “Great Day Live” on WTSP-TV!

ChicExecs’ lifestyle expert, Kiley Thomas, joined the host with her fall beauty essentials. Five must-haves for the season were featured in the segment to get you looking good from head to toe.

Rose Skin Co. is the maker of the best at-home hair removal device on the market. The IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset is an easy-to-use handheld device that seamlessly removes hair on any body part, including the face and Brazilian area, creating a spa-like experience in the comfort of home. And at an affordable price compared to other laser treatments!

Using clinical-grade technology that is certified safe and effective, it integrates effortlessly into any self-care routine. It’s the brand’s top-selling product, sold to over 100,000 customers who are enjoying its long-lasting visible results. Users can expect visible results within just a few weeks of use.

Sourced from the earth’s finest herbs and healing botanicals, Raw Beauty Co.’s skincare essentials are handcrafted with love for your skin’s health and the earth’s balance. The cruelty-free products are made with organic ingredients and are void of harsh chemical additives. The brand’s cold-pressed batches get the most out of the organic ingredients. The packaging is 100% recyclable, made of cardboard, glass, and bamboo to limit waste and plastic.

 VanityTools Founder Monalisa Crossway has designed a simple, convenient, and beautifully constructed way to help women with their daily makeup routine. Her invention, the VanityHood, is a mesh makeup protector that slips over any head and leaves makeup and hair in place without smudging on clothes. Simply wear the comfortable nylon mesh while getting dressed and save time and money by not needing to re-do your gorgeous look. 

Founded by Dana Chanel, Curl Bible is the #1 online beauty supply store with hundreds of beauty products created by women entrepreneurs around the country. Do you have an amazing product or brand that’s doing great on your own but you want to take your distribution to a whole other level? Fill out a vendor application and you could be the next top-selling brand on the platform.


Suntouched Hair Lightening Spray is the perfect solution for beachy hair year-round and a favorite among eternal sunseekers. The formula consists of an elegant blend of natural ingredients, such as lemon and pineapple extract, and safe lightening agents, including hydrogen peroxide, for an extra boost to achieve optimal results. Suntouched is gentle on hair and free of alcohol, ammonia, and chlorine bleach for safe and effective hair lightening.

Check out these beauty brands for essentials you need this fall season and beyond!

Congrats all!

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