ChicExecs PR Secures Multiple Clients on CW39’s Houston Happens

Our latest PR feature is for multiple clients on Houston Happens!

ChicExecs’ lifestyle expert, Kiley Thomas, joined host Maggie Flecknoe for a segment on making holiday travel easy with these five products featured below.

OCIO Leisure

OCIO Leisure is on a mission to make low-impact loungewear you’ll never want to take off, designed so you won’t have to. The sustainable athleisure wear brand is easy on the skin, the environment, and your pocketbook. OCIO Leisure is on a mission to make loungewear better. Made with custom sustainable fabric, a no-drawstring design, and pockets that don’t bunch, the fitted fashion-forward styles blend nicely with modern lifestyles. Whether lounging, working from home or running errands, the comfy features are sure to make daily life a bit easier.

Georgie & Lou

What do you get an avid pickleball player for the holidays? Why, a couture pickleball bag, of course! Georgie & Lou mix function and fashion with stylish bags that are easy to carry with comfortable straps and store all necessary equipment within reach. The trendy designs with beautiful colorways will wow the competition and let them know you’re serious about game day! With a front pocket for paddles that don’t take up any interior space, you’ll be ready for any match. Lori Georgian Manzer and Mary “Mimi” Louise Kuchman began the brand when they couldn’t find a fashionable and durable pickleball bag themselves, virtually a nonexistent space that needed some stylish attention.


SplayTray is the bag that opens into a tray — a new way to find what you need every time! All material is vegan and cruelty-free. The bag is held together with custom-strength magnets that detach to form a tray with raised sides to keep the contents contained. When you’re ready to pack up and go, the magnets quickly snap back together to close. Use it for so many things – the possibilities are endless. No more balancing that toiletry bag on the edge of a tiny sink! You can even polish your nails with the built-in surface. The patented SplayTray comes in two sizes with add-on accessories available. It’s perfect as a ready-to-go first aid kit, or for storing makeup, toiletries, pens/pencils, art supplies, snacks, and toys. 


PantyBuddy is designed to give an extra hand when you need it most. The vegan leather wristlet helps women protect panties, undergarments, and clothing from germs in public restroom stalls. The enclosed velcro strap wraps around undergarments to keep them conveniently and safely pulled away from the toilet as you hover over the seat. Discreet and elegant, it includes two interior pockets for bonus storage, perfect for carrying feminine hygiene products, credit cards and other essentials. It features a built-in toilet paper dispenser pocket, so you’re never caught with your panties down and no toilet paper.

Sunny the Mail Snail

Got mail? There’s one cute little snail that sure does, coming straight to kids’ mailboxes with a fun letter filled with adventurous stories and educational facts about animals and geography. Sunny the Mail Snail is a unique subscription for kids ages four to eight. No more waiting a whole month!  This hardworking mail snail delivers personalized letters to kids around the world each week. It’s a unique gift for the holiday season that makes reading fun and fosters imagination year-round.

Wishing you safe and happy adventures this holiday season.

Congrats everyone!






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