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With September here, ChicExecs lifestyle expert, Danica McAdam, reveals more fall must-haves, this time focusing on the latest beauty tips and tricks on Great Day Live! See what gems Danica showcased during the informative and fun segment below.


FanLoveBeauty ensures you make a great impression, helping to crush your next meeting or speaking engagement. The clean beauty brand is on your side to make you feel flawless with a vegan lip balm, hand cream, and face reboot mask that are healthy ways to deal with your skin, dry lips, and hands, made with no harsh chemicals and no beeswax. For those who make a career out of public speaking, the last thing they need is to encounter dry lips and sweaty palms. Sometimes, drinking water just isn’t enough. This is where FanLoveBeauty steps in and takes care of these everyday occurrences, so nothing distracts you from sealing the deal and looking ever-so good. Its amazing lip balm and hand cream are must-haves for any seasoned professional. https://fanlovebeauty.com/

Clean Beauty By AnaK

Clean Beauty by AnaK takes the guesswork out of skincare by creating a line of clean products that are as effective as they are luxurious. No matter your skin type or concern, their nature-based formulas are guaranteed to give you radiant skin. Every product in the Clean Beauty collection (Encapsulated Retinol Serum, Blemish Be Gone Spot Remover, andReviving Daily Powder Exfoliant) takes the best skincare ingredients given to us by Mother Nature and amplifies them to offer products that not only feel good but are truly effective. In their ingredients list, you’ll never find carcinogens, sulfates, parabens, or DEAs. Just clean, organic, and cruelty-free skincare to help you look as good as you feel. https://anakcosmetics.com/

Liberation Nails

Liberation Nails is a catalyst for personal expression, uplifting our mood, and creating joy. The luxe line of non-toxic nail polishes brings out the beauty in all of us, encouraging us to be our own kind of beautiful.The long-wearing Leaping Bunny-certified collection is 21-free—no parabens, phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens, or 16 other potentially toxic ingredients. With 22 colors to choose from, there’s something for everyone, including kids. You’ll find rich, opaque colors intentionally formulated with natural oils for the ultimate nail nourishment. All-natural essences provide a subtle after-polish aroma with hints of lemon, coconut milk, and vanilla. https://www.liberation-nails.com/

The Essentials

Bring the advantages of a med-spa home with The Essentials, the fabulous clean, science-based beauty brand developed by a medical esthetician with 23 years in the trade. It takes the worry out of skin care and beautifully works to revitalize the largest organ in the body from the effects of daily stressors. This is the clean clinical line that the founder uses at her own spa. Stand-out products include the Brighten + Smooth Encapsulated Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. You can use this serum to the last drop! The specialized encapsulated technology allows this formula to never oxidize or turn brown, delivering the purest concentration of Vitamin c directly to the skin. The added benefit of hyaluronic acid smooths out fine lines and instantly hydrates your skin. https://skinessentialsco.com/

Miss Careful

These stylish, functional silicone ear covers are expertly designed to help protect your ears while using hot styling tools. If you love to style your hair but hate the damage it can do to your ears, then Miss Careful Ear covers are the perfect solution.Their ear covers are heat-resistant, keeping your sensitive skin safe from heat styling tools that can leave painful burns and unsightly scars. They’re also lightweight and provide a soft buttery feel on your ears. These ear covers are also easy to clean, hypoallergenic and safe for everyone to use. https://misscareful.com/



Meet the world’s only anti-wrinkle sleep bra! Bravity® is not your standard support bra. Regular bras today only support your chest and keep your breasts in place. Bravity prevents new wrinkles and creases and helps relieve the wrinkles you can develop when your breasts fall on top of each other at night. Have you ever woken up with deep creases in your chest that can take all day to disappear? That is what Bravity prevents! These wrinkles can happen at any age depending on the fatty tissue in your chest and your lymphatic system overnight. In a Princeton Consumer Research clinical trial, 30 women reported a reduction in the lines after wearing a Bravity® bra for one month. https://www.bravity.com/

Thanks Danica for sharing these must-have brands for fall. Congrats to all the brands featured!




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