ChicExecs PR Secures Moonlight Roller in Byrdie

Our latest PR feature is for our client Moonlight Roller in Byrdie!

If the return of scrunchies and high-waisted jeans has taught us anything, it’s that everything old is new again and that includes roller skating! TikTok and Instagram are flooded with videos showcasing the smooth moves of nimble and highly-skilled skaters. 

While some are new to the roller world, the true die-hards know and appreciate the history. Moonlight Roller started as a way to bring more light to the skating community and offer skating enthusiasts a brand that delivers superb quality and ultra cool designs. It’s more than a roller skate brand, they are true advocates of this rich and beloved community.

The brand offers everything you need to look on-trend while harkening back to the disco skating era for its epic vibe and style. From dark, rich suedes to cosmic holographic and animal prints, these skates are all high-quality, expertly sized, and absolutely gorgeous as a ’70s disco throwback.

There’s no doubt that roller disco is a fun way to get us out of our comfort zones and back to simpler times when sequence, short shorts, and bell-bottoms ruled. Disco and skating make the perfect duo!

The retro skates feature a moon cutout on the boot and a wider toe box making the breaking-in process easier. That way, hit that roller disco floor, never missing a beat.

Byrdie featured the brand in its writeup on roller skating outfits to take for a spin, highlighting the iconic Moon Boot with a half moon cut out. It’s a roller skate with a hybrid wheel that can be used for indoors and out.

Check out Moonlight Roller whether you lived through the ’70s or are a Gen Zer paying homage to the thrill of the era! Find the Moon Boot here.

Congrats Moonlight Roller!

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