ChicExecs PR Secures Mocktail Club in Tiny Beans

Our latest PR feature is for our client Mocktail Club in Tiny Beans!

With Women’s History Month around the corner, Tiny Beans included Mocktail Club in it’s article on woman-owned DC businesses to keep on your radar.

Mocktail Club is a reflection of founder Pauline Idogho’s extensive travels throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East and her desire for alcoholic alternatives. The various locals inspired her rich and sophisticated line, featuring unique, bold, and daring flavors. Couple with her business savvy, she’s is a game-changer in the non-alcoholic movement.

Pauline advocates for the rising need for liquor-free drinks and the rapid increase in this emerging sector. She isn’t in this market just for herself. As a founding member and head of the finance committee of the Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association, Pauline works to promote inclusivity amongst individuals who have ever felt left out because of their drinking preferences.

You may have heard that alcohol consumption has spiked during the pandemic. As more and more people recognize this increase, it’s starting a conversation on being more mindful of our drinking patterns. Some are turning to alcohol replacements as an effective way to curb habits while still celebrating with family and friends, so no one feels left out.

There’s a growing trend toward better-for-you, functional beverages in the wellness arena for today’s health-conscious consumer. Moderation is the way for many who don’t wish to eliminate alcohol altogether. Rather, taking a break is easy by sipping a Mocktail Club alcoholic replacement cocktail, for instance, in-between spirits. 

The best part of Pauline’s overall goals and drive? Mocktail Club gives back 1% of all sales to Water For People, a global charity that provides free and clean drinking water across the world.

Check out Mocktail Club and see how the brand is doing its part to redefine social drinking, making it fun, flavorful, and functional. Find the selections here.

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