ChicExecs PR Secures Melly’s Homemade Meatball Mix in Authority Magazine

Our latest PR feature is for our client Melly’s Homemade Meatball Mix in Authority Magazine!

If you ask many what country has the best cuisine, Italy often ranks first. Traditions are what make the cuisine have such international appeal.

Traditions such as Sunday dinners in Italian homes build lasting memories that are carried down from generation to generation. As any true Italian will tell you, meatballs are a must on the menu.

Italian mompreneur Melissa Castner realized there were no gluten-free options available when she wanted to enjoy meatballs during family dinners, which prompted her to create her own mix. She relied on her background as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner. Her gluten sensitivity is shared by many so it was a void that needed filling. Thus, Melly’s Homemade Meatball Mix was born offering options for those with and without food sensitivities.

Melissa created her recipe from her nonna who used to hand out her meatballs to people in the parking lot after church on Sundays. Melissa is lovingly keeping her nonna’s tradition alive in her amazing brand.

Now, there’s an easy and stress-free way to make and enjoy authentic Italian meatballs even for those who don’t have a nonna’s recipe to refer to. Grab Melly’s Homemade Meatball Mix and make 18 authentic Italian meatballs without spending hours in the kitchen. So go ahead, have a meatball, or two, and feel good!

Melly’s Homemade Meatball Mix is finding its way into homes nationwide and bringing happiness to many in both regular and gluten-free versions.

Check out the article in Authority Magazine here to learn more about Melissa and the “5 Things You Need To Create a Successful Food Line or Specialty Food.” Her insights are valuable for those looking to venture out into their own enterprise and the steps they need to take to build a brand (passion and determination are key!).

Congrats Melissa!








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