ChicExecs PR Secures Manna Juice Bar in Essence

Our latest PR feature is for our client Manna Juice Bar in Essence!

Dominick and Kristi Andrew are like many parents looking for a convenient and healthy way for their families to keep fit and fuel their active schedules. They became passionate about living a healthier lifestyle that resulted in them founding Manna Juice Bar.

The duo collaborated with a food scientist to encourage a balanced lifestyle through the fast, fresh, and efficient nutrition provided in their cold-pressed juices. As a former Fortune 500 company manager, Kristi now runs the business full time.

Today, the Texas-based, black-owned brand has taken its storefront online and offers delicious juices delivered right to your doorstep nationwide. Made from 100% organic ingredients, “cold-pressed” refers to how the juice is extracted. Produce is crushed, then pressed, retaining the majority of the nutrients, literally squeezing up to five times more vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. 

Essence ran a feature story on the brand titled, “How This Husband and Wife Duo Are Reshaping Dallas Wellness Culture.” Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“Dominick and I were both on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. Being a pharmacist, I learned a lot of times the onset of certain disease states, especially for Black people, could have been prevented with healthier diet and exercise. Juicing was something we began to incorporate into our diet once we moved from New Orleans to Dallas. It’s a really easy way to consume a massive amount of nutrients at once, with cold-pressed juicing being the most efficient process. We developed a passion for the industry, partnered with a food scientist, and began to build Manna Juice Bar where the goal was to create juice, smoothies, and açaí bowls that were healthy without compromising taste!”

Check out Manna Juice Bar for cold-pressed juices that provide fast, fresh, and efficient nutrition. Visit the brand’s site for all the unique and delicious combinations.

Congrats Manna Juice Bar!







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