ChicExecs PR Secures Lotus Sustainables in Reader’s Digest

Our latest PR feature is for our client Lotus Sustainables in Reader’s Digest.

We’ve known for years that single-use plastic bags are extremely harmful to the environment. They end up as excessive waste in our landfills and animals like birds, fish, and turtles die from eating tons of plastic each year.

Switching to reusable bags is a smart and mindful way to reduce the amount of waste you contribute while still satisfying your personal shopping needs. Especially since more and more states are charging for plastic bags now.

Our client Lotus Sustainables are experts at helping the everyday shopper incorporate reusable bags into their lives in a way that’s easy and even a little bit fun.

The editors at Reader’s Digest loved the Lotus Sustainables Trolley Bags for the simple yet genius changes it makes to your shopping runs. 

The Trolley Bags come in a set of four heavy-duty reusable bags, including an insulated cooler design and specialty pockets for eggs and wine bottles. The durable double stitching makes them sturdy enough to hold over 50 lbs, machine washable for your health and convenience. Each bag has support rods so that you can place them in your cart in most standard U.S. grocery carts for simple and fast shopping. Detach the removable rods for individual use for smaller trips. 

Plus, each bag comes in a variety of colors to help keep you organized at every point of shopping. Assign a bag to a different type of food (one color for meats, another for veggies, another for pantry items) to make checking your list off much easier. When you get home, you’ll know immediately which bag needs to be unloaded right away since you kept everything together from the beginning.

Lotus Sustainables even has mesh produce bags that allow you to avoid even more wasteful plastic bags. Add them to your next grocery trip for cleaner and fresher fruits and veggies that you can wash right in the bag when you get home.

Check out Lotus Sustainables for all your reusable bag needs to make grocery shopping fun again. Find the bags online here, on Amazon, and through grocery outlets such as Wegmans, Albertsons, Shaws, and Meijer.

Congrats Lotus Sustainables!

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