ChicExecs PR Secures Little GF Chefs on MSN

Our latest PR feature is for our client Little GF Chefs on MSN!

Celebrate spring and Easter with a Watercolor Cookie Kit! This March and April, Little GF Chefs offers a super fun at-home baking activity that the whole family can enjoy together.

Little GF Chefs will learn how to make the most delicious sugar cookies, cookie icing, and multi-color plant-based food-safe paints.  It’s three activities in one that you can spread out over two days or do all at once, the choice is yours. The baking kit comes with three cookie cutters, including egg, bunny, and carrot shapes as well as a cookie paintbrush.

MSN spotlighted the kit in its feature on fun Easter activities to do with kids from the comfort of home this year.

When it comes to birthday parties and school treats, no kid wants to feel left out not eating that cupcake or cookie, but it’s the reality that kids diagnosed with celiac disease or other food allergies live with. 

Little GF Chefs is welcoming these children back into the kitchen with gluten-free, allergy-friendly baking kits. Buy them individually, or choose a subscription. They also make a great gift for someone with special dietary needs.

The gluten-free and allergen-friendly baking kits were started by Jereann Zann whose children have celiac disease and gluten-sensitivity. One of the biggest challenges she faced with raising children on restricted diets is helping them build self-confidence when they often feel different or left out at school and social gatherings.

Kit ingredients come pre-measured and delivered to your doorstep so your family can do what it loves to do best in the kitchen—bake!

Check out Little GF Chefs and eliminate the time spent researching safe ingredients and substitutes, or finding them in stores. The brand takes care of everything for you! Find the Watercolor Cookie kit here.

Congrats Little GF Chefs!





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