ChicExecs PR Secures Little GF Chefs in Parentology

Our latest PR feature is for our client Little GF Chefs in Parentology!

Let’s get kids back into the kitchen, especially those that have been left out due to diet restrictions caused by Celiac disease and other allergens. From using correct measurements and proper baking times, kids are learning every step of the way with Little GF Chefs baking kits.

Choose from many sweet (or salty) subscription kits that are a safe treat for kids of all dietary needs. You can buy them individually but you’d soon realize the subscription option is the way to go. Options to choose from include 1, 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions, plus refill kits too!

Parentology Writer Kristina Cappetta reviewed the brand’s Watercolor Cookie Kit with her daughters. The verdict?

“Now it was time for the all-important taste test. And the big news? The cookie did not taste gluten-free at all. You honestly could not tell the difference. It tasted like a regular cookie and had just the right consistency. It didn’t have that cardboard taste/feel as some gluten-free products do. It was so good that we all wanted another one!

“The Little GF Chefs Watercolor Cookie Kit was easy, fun to make, and tasty. For us, decorating the cookies was the most fun part. From putting the icing on to painting them, my kids had a great time.

“The Little GF Chefs kit can make a great gift or just something to do with your kids yourself. It lets kids be independent in the kitchen, which is a wonderful idea for children who have to follow a food-restricted diet. When you combine learning kitchen skills with tasty treats, you can’t go wrong!”

Check out Little GF Chefs and create your own sweet concoctions with your kiddos while inspiring their artistic side in the process. Find the Watercolor Cookie Kit here.

Congrats Little GF Chefs!










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