ChicExecs PR Secures Liberty Beans Coffee Co. in Travel Awaits

Our latest PR feature is for our client Liberty Beans Coffee Company in Travel Awaits.

Retirement and the golden years often mean hours spent enjoying the things we love and finding new ways to keep active.

Rather than relaxing at home, husband and wife team Jim and Diane Morton decided retirement is the perfect time to satisfy their entrepreneurial bug and launch their own coffee brand – Liberty Beans Coffee Company.

Their separate and combined experiences up to this point were everything they needed to start a delicious coffee brand. Jim’s background in the culinary arts as a chef and Diane’s knowledge as a chemist have blended together over 25 years of marriage to create a dream team and the ultimate brand for a satisfying cup of joe.

They extensively research coffee-producing regions for the best quality and variety of beans available. Their due diligence goes to Fair Trade practices and working closely with green coffee importers to ensure workers are treated fairly with livable wages and appropriate working conditions.

The brand was inspired by their community and unwavering love for their country, building a company that reflects those values. They stand with their neighbors near and far, cherish and support the following they’ve created, and believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of amazing coffee.

A recent article on Travel Awaits featured Liberty Beans and its founders. The article covered 6 tips for starting a business as part of your retirement plan, including why the couple is setting up this new adventure after retiring from their teaching careers.

“We want to stay active when we stop teaching. We talked a lot about it and are very excited about the next chapter. I don’t think there is a better purpose in life than to make a positive difference in a young person’s life. Diane and I have tried our best to do that for the past 20-plus years as teachers, Diane as a science teacher and me as a culinary arts teacher. Now it’s time to prove what we preach, that in America, with hard work, education, and dedication, your success is in your hands.”

In the immortal words of long-forgotten patriot “Bean” Franklin, “great coffee is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Visit Liberty Beans for a variety of coffee options to start your day off right.

Congrats Liberty Beans!


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